Spring Specials


Spring is Coming! - Spring Specials!

With spring comes warmer weather, and with that comes a host of services associated with your vehicle.  This is about to be an extremely busy time for us, so scheduling early (this week) is a great time to beat the crowds and get your car ready. Spring also means it’s time for Technik Treffen! We’re immensely looking forward to our second annual event, and so far the turnout is looking huge bases on the RSVP we have received from facebook. See more HERE

AC System Re-charge / Inspection - $99 Special

Let us ensure that your AC system is working a maximum efficiency. Our brand new state-of-the-art Mahle Artic-Pro machine can refill and recharge you system if it’s low, and if that’s not the reason your car is not getting cold, our dealer trained technicians can expertly diagnose the cause of the problem. Don’t spend another Spring and Summer sweating it out inside your ride! Now through March 31st take advantage of our $99 Spring Special. Call or email for more details! 

Coolant Flush

Your coolant doesn’t last forever, and if you have not flushed it ever, then you definitely should consider having this service performed. Old and neglected coolant will break down and the acids that result are corrosive and can lead to rust inside your system. That rust can ultimately cause critical components like your water pump and thermostat to fail, which will cause your car to run hot and possibly overheat, leaving you stranded. 

Pollen FIlter Replacement

Got allergies? Have a slightly funky smell inside your car? Then you might want to consider letting us change out your cabin air / pollen filter. This is a relatively cheap way to ensure you’re breathing the healthiest possible air inside your car.  And while it might sound easy to do, some of the filters are located in the darndest of places that require quite a bit of circus contorting to extract. So if you’re feeling limber and good at yoga, then be our guest, but if you’re not up a task like that you can leave it to our pros. 

Offer ENDS MARCH 31, 2023

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