Auto Services
in Cary

Black Forest Technik offers complete service and performance for your vehicle. Our factory trained technicians offer the same level and quality service you would find at the dealer at the fraction of the cost. From brake jobs to timing belts, tires, exhaust work, clutch jobs and everything in between we have your VolkswagenAudiBMW, MINI, or Porsche covered.


These are the common and smaller jobs that you need to address more regularly.  We’re able to quickly knock out these simple tasks to keep you car healthy and prevent any potential major issues 

major service

We can tackle the more complicated tasks too. These are the jobs that usually require some majory surgery to get your car back in top shape. 


Wake up the potential that has always been there in your car. We can upgrade all major components to transform the way it drives, or just personalize it to your tastes.

Let's Service your car today!

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line to let us know what we can help you with. Even if you want to just call to ask us some questions or get some helpful advice, we’re here to listen and offer up our extensive experience.

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