2nd Annual Technik Treffen CAR SHOW EVENT


2nd Annual Technik Treffen CAR SHOW EVENT

We are inviting everyone to come celebrate with us here at the shop on Saturday, March 25th. We want this to be a very relaxed “treffen” (or meet-up for you English speakers).  We will not be having a “show”or awards in the traditional sense, we just want everyone to have a place to come hang out for the day and (hopefully) enjoy some nice spring weather to kick off the season. It’s your chance to show off what you’ve been working on over the winter. We will have a German food vendor on site to slang those brat and currywurst lunch trays, as well as Aviator Brewing on site to fill up a mug (or cup) for you.  New this year will be “Baltic Bites” a Lithuanian food truck and we’re very much looking forward to having them. Expect to see some other familiar vendors as well, including aerofabb, Rotiform, and more!


When is the event?

Saturday, March 25th 2023

What time should I be there?

The event starts at 10 AM until 3PM or until everyone decides they’re ready to stop having fun 🙂 

Where is this happening?

Will there be food?

You bet your lederhosen there will be! We’re excited to have Kat-n-Around Authentic German Food on the scene all day, slangin the best of the currywurst and brats for days. We’ve had this stuff and it is perfect Euro comfort food.  Click the image below for a complete menu of what will be available.

In addition to the German food, we are also highly anticipating yet another European food option called Baltic Bites ! They are  the first and only Lithuanian food truck in the country serving fresh, healthy and delicious cuisine to the Triangle and they are family owned and operated.

What about beer?

This wouldn’t be a Black Forest function without some brews. And in keeping with that tradition we will be having Aviator Brewing serving up some pints (or whatever vessel you get your grubby paws on) to whet your whistle. If you’re not familiar with Aviator then you should check out their website here: aviatorbrew.com

Where do I park?

We have quite a bit of space this year, which means you will be able to park *mostly* where you want, and with your group / club.  We just ask that you PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE MAIN ROAD THROUGH. This means all the way back to the wooded and gated area in the back.  Please be respectful and considerate and leave room for others.  Please do not arrive before 10 am! There is no registration for this event. It is free.

What is happening?

You sound kind of stoned when you ask that but alright. This is a EUROPEAN AUTOMOTIVE MEET-UP or GTG as some might say. You’re invited to bring you European car and just come hang out. Do not feel as though your car needs to be special or finished or anything else. Just come as you are. Like Nirvana.

Who is coming?

You can also RSVP and see who else is coming here:


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