Some New Faces and Some Old Ones

In The Shop

SOME NEW FACES And Some olD ones

Don’t let the serious faces fool you, these guys are actually very friendly! While we’ve been growing, we’ve added a couple new team members, one up front as your first point of contact and one behind those doors in the shop servicing your vehicle. While it’s not always easy to find the perfect fit for our facility, we’re very pleased with how both of these new hires are working out. Each of them have been in contact with us for months prior to being hired on as they have specifically sought us out to join our team. We take a great amount of pride in that and want to make sure that their experience here is everything they hoped it would be. 

Morgan Wilson

Service Advisor

Morgan has long since been involved in the automotive world locally, as well as nationally in a variety of mediums. Formerly employed both in auto sales, and also in vehicle graphics and vinyl wrapping, Morgan is maybe first and foremost known as a European car enthusiast. From that enthusiasm, and his excellent verbal and written skills, Morgan was a regular contributor to the media outlet ‘Fatlace’ where he wrote many articles over the years. Morgan has taken to the new position exceedingly well, and we’re confident that your experience with him will be smooth, and above all communicative. 

Jadon Locklear


Much like Morgan, Jadon has been waiting in the wings to join our team.  Jadon has honed his skills at another local shop where he was able to further his knowledge with not only OEM, but also the large variety of what the European aftermarket has to offer. This unique background made him a perfect fit for our shop, and we were just waiting for the ideal time to bring him aboard. So far his youthful energy and can-do attitude has slotted in perfectly with the team. And if you happen to hear any slightly off-key singing coming from behind the shop doors when you’re here…that would be him. 

Steven Drommer

Senior Technician

We’d also like to take a minute to congratulate Steven on 5 YEARS with Black Forest! This job is difficult, and more often than not when someone leaves our business, it’s to put the wrenches down and pursue another career.  We have a tremendous amount of respect for how mentally and physically demanding keeping your car on the road can be.  There are fewer and fewer people willing to take on this challenge but we are very thankful for the ones who do. Here’s to 5 more years of putting up with us, Steven!

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