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Here Lies Your Tires. These tires died from poor alignment.  Did you know that if your suspension is off by even a fraction of a degree that it can severely reduce the life of your tires? That’s just one of the reasons to make sure that your vehicle has a proper alignment. 

We’re offering FREE ALIGNMENT INSPECTION with any service with mention of this post.

Prolong The Life of Your Tires

Any serious shop should be equipped to align your vehicle, as this is a critical part of many services that involve changes to your suspension, and including other jobs that involve removing your subframe, like clutch repair etc.  We’re able to use our specialty equipment to laser locate and adjust the position of your wheels. This will ensure that there is even wear across them, and with routine rotation this will ensure that you get every possible penny out of your tire purchase.

How Do I Know If My Tires Are Worn?

All tires have built in indicators called “wear bars” These are meant to show you when you’ve reached the end of the safe useable life of your tires. A large percentage of our customers go way beyond this limit and this introduces a great risk to them and other drivers on the road.  First and foremost, a worn tire is devoid of the intended grooves and Sipes that help evacuate water when it rains. This means that in a storm your car becomes very unpredictable and prone to hydroplaning. Your chance of an unrecoverable skid and imminent crash increase drastically.  Even in perfect conditions  your tires compound is compromised and will not perform as intended. 

Additionally if you see visible discoloration (often referred to as “cording”) this means that the outermost membrane of the tire is compromised and even small road debris can lead to a puncture and complete failure, again resulting in a loss of control or crash.  Sometimes this can be hard to spot as it is on the inside of the tire which is not as visible when the car is not on a lift. Below is an image of a tire that is way past its life, and we see much worse on a regular basis.

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